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"Before thinking about future challenges, learn to deal with today in the shortest time and with greater efficiency." - P. Drucker

The strategy of “Sniper” – Additions

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After reading the article “Strengths and weaknesses of the strategy of” Sniper “, and comments on it, you realize that there are nuances that can sound, and they will be useful to all. Therefore I wanted to share a personal experience of using this strategy in its full version, not just the “base”, which was presented in that article. Anyone who finds the internet to supplement this strategy will see that it has the full version even more strengths for those who want to earn with minimum risk. But first, about the shortcomings of this strategy. In fact – this is not a strategy for beginners. And here’s why.

First, the concept of “price level” (and these levels in the strategy a few) already implies the trader understanding of what it is that it is happening, and the experience of its discovery. But to use these levels in accordance with the rules of the strategy – we need a great experience. Newbie with this simply can not cope, because it is necessary to understand what level will be effective now, and what has worked for himself and lost its relevance (and this applies not only to the bank level, which is clearly stated in the manual strategy).

The second important negative – it’s the ability to see the moment of reversal. There must be the ability to detect a live graph that simplistically depicted in the manual strategy. And it also implies an experience that will come in the months and even years after trade (it will depend on the personal qualities of the trader and the amount of time that he is willing to allocate to prosizhivaniya the monitor and analyze the chart).

The third aspect that can be difficult for beginners – it is a necessity to work with multiple time frames (in the strategy used by M1 to H1, but to better determine the strength of price levels will come in handy and H4 and D1).

Now let’s talk about what kept it in the first article. This “add-ons” to the strategies that are not available to everyone.

The first addition helps to acquire skills “acceleration of deposit” in that it will be absolutely risk-free method. What is its essence? Once you already have a deal in the black (and have worked generally safe), you are looking for the next reversal point. Once you were able to correctly identify it, you walk in the opposite deal with the increased several times lot. At the same time you set stoploss at new deal at several points of extremum turn (insurance in case of an error), and the same price takeprofit expose at first transaction.

This will need to calculate the size of the lot for the second transaction that is triggered stop loss and take profit, you do not have a loss (and in the safe you have earned, so you will profit in any case) or will need to calculate the size of the item at a fixed stoploss, having a value of 3 times more than the value of the first open position (this option is available in addition). If you have correctly identified the pivot point for the first position, it will be the entry point of the trend, and the second – a correction.

If you settle for just the two transactions, you can increase your profits in half to two times a pullback and closed manually both positions when the planned number of items of profit or (another option – set takeprofit second transaction on the opening price of the first deal, and the first transaction Translate to breakeven). And you can show perseverance and ingenuity, and enter the third deal for the next pivot point lot, increased 3 times compared to the second transaction. This will be the back entrance of the trend, which will increase your profits even 2-2.5 times when the second transaction price stoploss …

Do not forget to calculate the necessary size of stop loss and take profit for all three transactions, to protect themselves in case of an error when entering the third transaction. Thus it is possible to significantly increase the profitability of its trade strategy “Sniper”, if we have several “rounds” but to adhere strictly to the rules of trade.

And, mind you, it does not add a single additional rule. It is only out of the need to cancel the transaction upon reaching 40 pips (a requirement of the basic course for beginners), but added the need for friendship with elementary mathematics (and calculations must be done quickly, because the price is not in place).

Based on the above, it becomes clear why the author advises to limit ourselves to one, maximum – two trading tools. At least have a deal for a number of tools for this strategy will be very difficult because of the need to conduct multiple transactions, which is difficult even for experienced traders.

There is one more addition to this strategy. It shows the need to work on personal qualities. Author strategy – a trader with more than ten years experience of trade, and he was a trader in several dealing centers and understands the “kitchen” is very good. This appendix contains the thoughts of a psychological nature, taken from the very helpful books that reveal the psychological aspects of trading, such as “Trading in the Zone” by Mark Douglas, “One good trade” from M. Bellafiore, “owners of the market” by Tom Williams.

But Paul makes those thoughts in the form of regulations, without any explanation of their validity and necessity. This is kvintestsensiya his personal experience of trading, the trader presented to the ordinary on a silver platter. Therefore, few will want to follow the advice of this add-on, but in vain. For the application of the Board needs to understand its benefits. So you should get acquainted with the mentioned books, and maybe even more, and look for information that will not be superfluous.

Summarizing this article is to say that the strategy of “Sniper” – it is really worth trading strategy, but to master it and learn to apply in full, need a lot of effort and perseverance. But the result is worth it!

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